Oulu Igloos


Experience the four seasons in the igloo

Glass igloo is an immersive alternative to hotel rooms already seen. It is a memorable and luxurious way to spend the night. Daily and seasonal variations shape the landscape outdoors, but indoors the accommodation conditions remain pleasant thanks to properly dimensioned heating and air conditioning. The igloo is your window to experiences, without mosquito or frostbites.

In summer, the movement and sounds of water and the nightless night with its different shades create a special atmosphere. You sleep like under the sky – just much more comfortably. On a clear winter night, you can watch the stars lying on the bed. With particularly good luck, northern lights can also show up at the height of Oulu, because in statistically during dark nights, Oulu has different levels of northern lights activity every fourth night. That’s almost 25 % chance!

A night in an igloo is suitable as an option for hotel death for a business traveler as well as a unique gift for a fresh wedding couple. With a date in an igloo, you will surely leave an unforgettable impression, as the igloo night also offers a completely new perspective on the familiar environment! Your own peace, privacy, and peaceful presence are all possible inside the igloo glass walls. Magical sunsets and sunrises, sea fog, intensifying frost, sensitive floating snowflakes, and the moon and stars are right next to you on the other side of the window.

Comfortable and warm high-class

Accommodation at the igloo is of high quality, as the best suppliers from Finland and the world have been utilized in the modern selection of materials and equipment. The solutions are designed and durable for harsh conditions. In winter, the igloo’s temperature can be adjusted efficiently and for warm summer nights, it can be reciprocally cooled. So there is always a comfortable temperature inside so you can get a sweet night’s sleep without any special equipment or preparation. Your job is to enjoy it!

Private sauna just for you

Our guests have access to a separate, private sauna. In summer, the sauna floats just like the igloo, and in winter it lies on the ice. Sauna is included in the price of your stay. In the sauna, hot water is heated in a pot connected to the stove


Things to do all year round

While iglooing, you can either take a leisurely dip or hustle and bustle outdoors! Depending on the season, we offer you a range of equipment. You can fish in summer and winter and also find a wide variety of equipment for exploring the surrounding area moving on either on water or ice. Some are included in the price of staying in the igloo and others we rent on request.


  • SUP-boards 2 pcs
  • Electric motor for transition
  • Swimming deck and swim ladder
  • Deck chairs
  • BBQ
  • Also available for rent: water jet, canoes


  • Kick Sleds 2 pcs
  • Snowshoes 2 pcs
  • Ice fishing rods 2 pcs
  • Also available for rent: electric fat bikes

Ecological: In the middle of nature, respecting nature

Our unequivocal goal is to put as little strain on nature as possible. The igloo accommodation is ecological, as you are in the middle of the stay – the transitions are unnecessary. You get to nature in the igloo, but the accommodation leaves no traces in the landscape when the lightly structured igloo is moved to the next place again. Iglu thus does not leave cavities or scars in sensitive Finnish nature and does not require the construction of heavy infrastructure. The waste is disposed of properly and the toilet is composting – the liquids are led to a septic tank. In general, water is used as little as possible, and washing water, for example, is not released untreated into natural waters.

In addition to the solar panel, the Iglu warms up and cools down with electricity stored in the batteries, and in summer the water in the water system is driven by a quiet electric motor. Atmospheric LED lights minimize the contribution of electricity consumption. Electricity can also be generated independently in the igloo with a biofuel cell that utilizes renewable diesel fuel. The heating system operates when the igloo is disconnected from the mains with Neste MY renewable diesel ™.

Overall, the structure is very energy efficient and the large windows are the best low energy level. Environmental values ​​have also been taken into account in material choices that have sought to be sustainable. So you can enjoy the comfort of staying in an igloo and the experience it offers with a good conscience!

No need to say: do not litter the river, the sea or the environment. We have bins for trash.